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They exchange furtive touches with students during classroom movies. They make out in a closet while other children study nearby. They get caught having sex with kids in cars, classrooms, motels, homes, public libraries, even church parking lots. Why are more female teachers, coaches and even school board members risking it all? Are they “hot,” or are they pedophiles? From Mary Kay Letourneau and Debra LaFave to the very latest offenders, Bad Apples is the first book to look at why female teachers are having sex with underage students. Bad Apples also examines gender bias in sentencing, the psychological effect on the children they molest, the role of social networking and the media, and how parents and schools can keep students safe.


Mary Kay LeTourneau Debra LaFave Pamela Smart Amy McElhenney Susan Lemery Stefanie Dickinson Jennifer Leigh Rice Traci Tapp Stacy Schuler Pamela Diehl-Moore Cameo Patch Beth Friedman Aimee Sword Miss Stevenson from South Park