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At age three he was using knives to frighten his teenage aunt. By fourteen he was a thief, animal abuser, and peeping tom who liked to pull little girls into the woods to scare them. Ted Bundy killed at least thirty-five girls and women, and possibly hundreds. Was his first victim eight-year-old Ann Marie Burr who disappeared from their Tacoma, Washington neighborhood in 1961?

Her body was never found and there were no clues, just two tenacious detectives who spent the rest of their lives trying to solve the case.

With new information about Ted Bundy’s childhood, interviews with those who knew him best, and the memories of the Burr and Bundy families, Ted and Ann is the story of one of the 20th century’s most fascinating cold cases.


Beverly Burr, with Mary, Julie, Greg and Ann, summer, 1960, on Fox Island, one year before Ann disappeared. A map of Tacoma showing the proximity of the Burr and Bundy homes on August 31, 1961, and nearby construction projects. The missing poster created the day Ann Marie Burr disappeared, August 31, 1961. Newspaper photo of search party. Ann's father, Don Burr, is second from the left. Sept. 2, 1961. Tacoma police department photos of the Burr home and Ann's bedroom. Detective Ted Strand, Bev Burr, Don Burr and Detective Tony Zatkovich mark 145 days of searching for Ann.  January 23, 1962. The article in Master Detective, April, 1966, written by Robert Cour, of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Ted Bundy (right) with boyhood friends. Ted Bundy (left) with his close friends, Doug and Sandi Holt. By age ten, Ted was abusing animals and dragging girls into the woods to scare them. Ted Bundy's high school yearbook photo, 1965. Ted Bundy waving at a press conference in Tallahassee, Florida after hearing the reading of murder charges against him, 1978. In court with his lawyers at the first Florida trial, June, 1979. Bev Burr's first letter to Ted Bundy, May 30, 1986. Ted Bundy's response to Bev Burr, June 8, 1986. 1987 newspaper coverage of Ted's hypothetical confession that he killed Ann Marie Burr.