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Boy Missing

The Search for Kyron Horman

On the morning of June 4, 2010, the boy with the toothy smile, crewcut and glasses posed in front of his science project, a diorama about the red-eyed tree frog.

Seven-year old Kyron Horman grinned for a photo taken by his step-mother. She said he walked toward his second-grade classroom at Skyline Elementary School in Portland and turned to wave at her. Then he vanished.

For the first time, the story of Kyron’s disappearance is told in Boy Missing – The Search for Kyron Horman. Based on years of research and hundreds of hours of interviews with his mother, Desiree Young, and others, the book is the true story of the boy’s disappearance, the suspicion that quickly fell on one member of a messy blended family, and how Desiree Young turned grief into advocacy.