Notorious USA Series

A New York Times best-seller. Gregg Olsen and Rebecca Morris crack open crime files across America. In Notorious USA, they investigate and report on the most gripping and intriguing true crime cases in each state. Their true crime spree starts in the Pacific Northwest with Notorious Washington and Notorious Oregon. Available in paperback, e-book, and audio book.

The Boy Who Fired the First Shot

Notorious Washington

Washington state has seen more than its fair share of murderous crime, most notably by brutal serial killers Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgeway. But did you know that the sleepy town of Moses Lake was the site of one of the first school shootings? Long before Newtown, Columbine, and Virginia Tech, 14-year-old Barry Loukaitis opened fire at Frontier Middle School, killing his algebra teacher and two classmates.

The Girl and the Horrors of Howard Ave.

Notorious Oregon

Murderous mothers, missing children, dangerous dads. Notorious Oregon features new reporting on Angela McAnulty, who is on death row for starving and torturing her daughter to death; the latest on the search for missing 7-year old Kyron Horman, whose step-mother is suspected in his disappearance; and a chapter from Rebecca’s upcoming book about the 50-year old murder of two children at the Crooked River Bridge, a crime that still has local residents whispering.

The Stranger and the World's Bravest Little Girl

Notorious Idaho

Notorious Idaho reinvestigates the case of Joseph Duncan, who killed three members of a Coeur d'Alene family, and the young girl who survived. Also, the latest on Robin Row, the only woman awaiting execution in Idaho who killed her four children for the life insurance money; and the story of America's first female serial killer.

The Deadly Daughter-in-Law

Notorious Arizona

Cases include a woman who couldn’t wait for her mother-in-law to die a natural death; a high school football mom who was a little too friendly with her son’s teammates; a man released after 40 years in prison, even as questions about his guilt persist; and the subject of one of America’s most sensational televised trials, Jodi Arias.

Her Lover's Wife

Notorious Colorado

Cases include the latest on the woman known as “the Fatal Attraction Killer;” Sharon Nelson, the minister’s wife who loved men, then killed them; the Amish serial killer who left a trail of murder from Ohio to Colorado; and the most famous unsolved case of all time, the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey.

Fundamental Love

Notorious Utah

Notorious Utah reports on baby killer Megan Huntsman, who murdered six infants giving birth, boxed them up, and kept them in her Pleasant Grove garage; how a fingerprint on a Lego solved a 20-year old case; parents who leave their toddlers to die in hot cars; and updates on Warren Jeffs’ imprisonment, the Lori Hacking murder, and Susan Powell’s disappearance.

Bodies of Evidence

A box set of cases from Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. A New York Times bestseller!


A box set of cases from Arizona, Colorado, and Utah.